Links With East Gippsland Aboriginal Culture

Observe the large dead tree near Lakeview and the scar on the trunk left from long ago, when the Gunai/Kurnai Aboriginal people cut a carrying container from the tree, most likely well before colonization.

Explore the land and find the rocky outcrops, pasture, quiet gullies and a wetland. There is a dam stocked with fish and a large vegetable garden and orchards. We live as self-sufficiently as possible and continue to develop our organic food supply. Sunsets over the lakes and farmland are spectacular and the night sky provides a lightshow. Kangaroos and wallabies can be seen in the early morning and evening and the nocturnal wombats and possums after dark.

Visit the Keeping Place in Bairnsdale to learn about Gunai-Kurnai culture in the Lakes Entrance and Gippsland Lakes areas prior to European settlement.